Finland, Helsinki Mission

Finland, Helsinki Mission
Finland, Helsinki Mission

Monday, January 23, 2017

I'm staying in Oulu...

We got the transfer call and I will be receiving a new old companion here in Oulu! SISAR NELSON IS COMING BACK!!!! I am so very excited!! We will be serving as the North Zones Sister Training Leaders together which is going to be a blast :) It’s kinda nice that I don’t have to anticipate a new companion, I already know who I am getting and I love her. I am so excited!  Sister Cain will be leaving me to go to Kuopio to be with my favorite Sisar Margetts!!! We are so excited and I will be her sister training leader which means we will still get splits together!
The missionary work is great, and the people are doing swell. I am so sorry I cant say a lot, but I can say how grateful I am for people. People are amazing, and some of the best really do live in Oulu. Life is so good! 


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Celebrating my one-year anniversary......

We went to the pancake house to celebrate my 1 year as a missionary! 

When you have only seen the sun like 1 in the past two months.... (it’s our happy light :))
and then when you actually see the real sun for like 2 minutes while the clouds clear (if you look closely you can see tears in my eyes)

Cool thing, Sister Cain and I have another companion this week! We are so blessed to have a Finnish sister doing work with us for this week. She is so amazing and such a great example and help and we are so blessed to have her as our companion! She came to us yesterday (1/16) and will be going home next Monday. She is an amazing example of wanting to share the gospel, and she is a blast! 

This week was good, and I am grateful that the holidays are over. They are so fun, but everyone went away, and now they are back! It’s great! Investigators are doing great, we are finding lots of new ones and working with old ones and lots of amazing things. Cool quick story: Last week Sister Cain and I contacted a lady on the street that was a former and she said that she wants to meet again! When we met she told us that she had recently met a Mormon online and that so many other things had happened that she felt were from God. She told us that this was her time to learn. She even has started to quit smoking and drinking! Incredible! 

These times that we live in are so amazing. We can experience all of the blessings that the gospel brings, and we have a living prophet to guide us that receives revelation directly from Heavenly Father. We are so blessed! I feel blessed that mine is the opportunity to share this with people.