Finland, Helsinki Mission

Finland, Helsinki Mission
Finland, Helsinki Mission

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The temple, Mission Tour, and an incredible investigator

Helsinki Finland Temple

We got to go to the Helsinki temple last week, and it was soooooo good! I miss it so much. We have to go like a thousand times when I get home.
Last week we had a Mission Tour as well. This is where all the missionaries in my zone (Helsinki and East zone) came together and had a meeting with Elder Johnson and Elder Sabin who are the first and second counselors of our Area Presidency and their wives. All of my MTC group (besides Sister Margetts) were reunited at the mission tour! It was so great! What awesome missionaries they all are. We couldn’t believe it has almost been 6 months since the MTC.

This is what Sister Margetts said in her weekly email: "We had an incredible mission tour, and here's a picture of me and all my friends from my MTC group... oh wait, all of my group are in Helsinki and the East zone."

Sister Margetts, alone at her Mission Tour

A cool thing happened that happened to us this week is that Sister Nelson and I were riding a train to get to a lesson and we got off to switch trains and walked up to this man that was there standing there to talk to him. He looked at us and immediately said, “Yes. I am interested. Here is my phone number, and when can we meet?” He then proceeded to tell us that he lives by us and has seen us on the bus and has wondered about our church. He told us that since 2007 he has been searching for the truth fro God and he wanted to know what we had to say. He then called us later that same day to set up an appointment with us. We couldn’t meet with him until Monday, but he said would come to church to see what it was like. In church they taught about temples and family history and he loved it. He said he has been looking for a church that could help his grandparents because it never felt right to him that nothing could be done to help them. The lesson went well yesterday and he is preparing to baptized on the 8th of October. Miracles happen every day! I feel so blessed to see how the Lord works. It’s amazing!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

More adventures in Haaga

Haaga is good, everyone keeps talking about how the warm days are over and summer is over and I didn’t even know summer came... But that’s okay! I’ll take this temperate weather any day
We had kind of a rough week this week, but don’t think i am sad or anything cause i say that, we have been laughing all week long! It’s just been a week :). I will tell a bit about what has happened to us. So last Tuesday we were contacting a man that had a strong belief in the Bible, and he was preaching to us for like 10 minutes and going on and on, so we testified of the Book of Mormon and he said he doesn’t believe it cause Joseph Smith wrote it. So we started to explain what the Book of Mormon was and where it came from, and I like using the pictures in the front, so I opened up and talked about how it is another Testament of Christ. Then I turned to the next picture which is Joseph Smith, and there was a water mark on his forehead that looked like a really bad symbol. The man freaked out and yelled "WHAT IS THAT?!"  We didn’t have an answer, and so then he ran away from us. We were so shocked and didn’t know what to do. Then we laughed so hard and felt so bad. We were thinking, of course it had to be in this copy of the Book of Mormon. Right? But it was funny, and we turned the book into the office and it’s all good now. Then on Saturday Sister Nelson lost her bus pass (which is how we get everywhere, it’s for buses and for trains and they cost like 230£) and we couldn’t find it anywhere. So we have been walking this week, and it has been raining, and we have forgotten to bring our umbrella's this past week. But that’s okay! We love the rain because it makes everything green. :) Then we got ticketed on the train to the mission office yesterday because Sister Nelson didn’t have her bus pass on her. The fine was 80£, and they wouldn’t listen to us and ticketed us anyways. It was super frustrating and none of them spoke English, so I had to try and explain it all in Finnish. Anyways, that wasn’t fun. We went to the train station today and got a new pass and talked to the people there about the ticket and they cancelled it.  J And that was a super fun adventure for us! Oh, also, the other night we saw these refugees that didn’t speak any English or Finnish trying to figure out the train system. No one would help them and they were asking everyone, so we went over to help them. We rode on the train with them to their place and realized that we were in a very wrong place for us to be and that we were very late getting home. And so, a lot of miraculous things happened and we made it home safely. Anyways, we made it through this week! and we both smiled an laughed the whole time! I’ve got a great companion and we have had a great time doing the Lord’s work! It’s so cool to see his hand helping us every day. 

 This picture was taken by Rick and Lynne London on 8/18/16. They are serving their third mission as a senior couple and this is the second time serving in the Finland, Helsinki Mission office. Lynne was Jessica's second grade teacher and we absolutely love her and Rick. We are so blessed to have them serving in Finland at the same time Jess is serving her mission there.  This wonderful couple made room in their luggage to take a pair of shoes and treat for Jess. This meant a great deal to us and we are so thankful for them! Here's a few lines from Lynne's email to us:
"We finally got the package to your beautiful, happy daughter. It is soooo good to see her. This is the stairway to the second floor just outside her apartment. We lived in her apartment when we were in the office before. It is a nice apartment on the ground floor. When we do the apartment inspection, I will send pictures."