Finland, Helsinki Mission

Finland, Helsinki Mission
Finland, Helsinki Mission

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

1st week in Tampere, Finland

 I am in Tampere! It is one of the major cities, and it is kinda weird. But so good, and so cold! My trainer's name is Sisar Kokkonen and she is from Hawaii but her father is Finnish (hence the last name). She is amazing! she has been out on her mission for a year and served in only two areas. 
I am talking to people, every day, all day where ever we go. It actually exhausts me, but I am hoping that I will get better with a lot of practice. I can’t say a ton in Finnish still, but I try. I start half of our conversations and I stop people on the street all by myself. then Sisar Kokkonen usually has to take over because I can’t understand like anything. I try, and I add a testimony when I can, but it’s all good. I will get there in a few months and maybe sooner if I work hard and practice :)  We contacted 89 people since last Wednesday. We handed out 19 copies of the Book of Mormon and taught a few lessons. We got a referral from the elders in Tampere yesterday and we went to visit the referral and had an amazing lesson. At the end he said that he would be willing to be baptized if he found out it was true. So that was awesome! I think we really needed that, a good pick me up. We have plans to follow-up with him later in the week.

Safe arrival in Helsinki, Finland

On 3/15/16, after 22 hours of traveling, the Finnish missionaries arrived safely in Helsinki.  This picture is taken in front of the Helsinki Temple.

Colton (Jessica's older brother) saw this picture and labeled it "Mind the Gap!"

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Last week in the MTC!

This is my last week in the MTC! We will be leaving for Finland on Monday, March14th and will arrive in Helsinki on Tuesday, March 15th. I'm so excited to finally go to Finland!!!!

Vanhin (Elder) Christian's äiti (mom) sent him some stuff for Saint Patrick’s Day.

We met a Finnish Elder in the MTC- Elder Koistinen (the Elder on my left). He's from Eastern Finland, and will be serving in Ukraine, speaking Russian. He graciously speaks Finnish with us and is so excited we are going to his country!

 Sack Breakfast Man: Our favorite MTC employee who knows how to say "hello" and "thank you" in every language they teach here! We get sack breakfast a lot since we have gym in the morning, so we see him enough that we had to take a picture on our last sack breakfast day.

One last pic with Sisar Roberts in front of the Provo Temple