Finland, Helsinki Mission

Finland, Helsinki Mission
Finland, Helsinki Mission

Monday, May 29, 2017

The baptism, and my last transfer...

My favorite part of the week was definitely the baptism of one of our investigators. The baptism went as close to perfect as it could. He even brought a friend of his to it. He is so awesome! The talks were amazing and we had a good turn out from the ward for support. He received the Holy Ghost on Sunday and the blessing was beautiful. We are really, really excited for him.

This week is my last transfer and I've got to admit it feels very weird. I just feel like i don’t know how to do anything besides be a missionary. This is life, and it is good. I am really excited to really focus and work hard this last transfer and try to learn all that Heavenly Father wants me to while I am still in this beautiful place. It will be a good one, this transfer will be busy. I am staying in Tampere (I have to say goodbye to Sister Roberts :()) and Sister Parker will be coming to serve with me. She is 4 months behind me and an awesome sister that I know from when she served in Vaasa and I was in Oulu. So I am very excited to be a Sister Training Leader with her! We have a lot of meetings as well as the Watsons returning home on the 30th of June and President Aura coming in on the 1st of July. So big changes and crazy things are to come. But I am overjoyed with the opportunity to end my mission where I began. It’s kind of poetic in a way.

The District
Spring is finally here!
President Watson and his wife
Enjoying spring rain with Sister Roberts

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

It was great to talk to all of you yesterday! I can’t believe that Mother’s Day is already over and that was our last Skype. It just weirds me out. But it was great to see everyone and know that everyone is doing well. Mom, you asked what principle of the gospel is my favorite to teach- I like to teach about God being our loving Heavenly Father because it changes peoples lives. If they don’t understand that one doctrine then none of the rest is ever going to make sense. It’s just been amazing over the course of my mission to see what knowing about a
loving Father in Heaven can do to change lives. 
Lookin' good on Skype!

Exchanges with Lahti sisters

We found a bike pump and got the bikes out again, it was so good!
Quality Flag Day pic