Finland, Helsinki Mission

Finland, Helsinki Mission
Finland, Helsinki Mission

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Doughnuts, slips on the ice, and the Kuopio sisters

Leadership Training in Espoo
Sister Nelson and Sister Carter, Helsinki Temple

This following was copied from Sister Nelson's email: "This week has been so great! Tuesday we had a great lesson with some of our investigators. They are Russian and so cute. It has been super icy lately, so on the way there I totally slipped on my bike, and they my bike hit Sister Carter's bike and we both went down. Of course after sitting laying on the ground for a few minutes feeling like we were dead, we took some pictures. I died laughing at them. Hope you enjoy. haha
This week we had exchanges with the Kuopio sisters- Sister Margetts and Sister Cain. So we rode a bus down there. It was only like 6 hours. Kuopio is super pretty. It has a small homey feel. The sisters bought us "Christmas" presents because we didn't see each other for Christmas. They are fun.  
  Friday we had a great day! We rode a train back to Oulu and then did some weekly planning. Exciting stuff. That evening we went to a new area where we were not able to get to by bike, but now that we have a car we tracted down there! Yay! We met 4 people and set up appointments and handed out like 12 books of mormon in one evening. It was pretty cool. Miracle people.  We even saw a guy in a wheelchair trying to wheel with one hand, while it was snowing outside so we pulled over and helped. He let us help! It made my day. 
  Saturday we had a lesson with our investigator who is getting baptized next weekend. We are so excited for him. He is super excited too. He has been wanting to be baptized for so long! Now he can! We explained baptism. Sister Carter and I did a demonstration. haha.That day we also helped a member film her video. She does her own songs that are very uplifting church messages. 
  Sunday was a great day as well. We had a lesson appointment but she wasn't home. So we tracted the area. Everyone was very nice to us. Yesterday, we had a lesson with a reactivating member. She is very sweet. She had this cute cat that really liked me. So much that he peed on my boots, scarf and gloves. haha. We also went to a lesson last night. It was a young couple who have the cutest baby and She makes Kookoo sounds. They are very sweet people. 
   Its been a great week as a missionary. I feel so blessed to serve with such amazing people." - Sister Nelson
The bike crash
Doughnuts from members for Friend Day
Sister Nelson, Sister Carter, Sister Margetts and Sister Cain

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

All is well in paradise

All is well in paradise. Gloomy as ever, and that’s the way we like it. J
This week has gone well, Being a sister training leader is fun. There is a lot going on and it makes the time fly. Good and bad. We night trained down to Helsinki last week for leadership conference, and then flew home the next day. We are going to Kuopio this week to do splits, so that will be fun. Literally, in the last week we have flown, trained, drove, biked, bused and walked. We literally traveled every way possible that you can as a missionary in a week. Go us! 

We got to go to the temple! Yay!

When in doubt, take the forest paths ;) 

And possibly the biggest surprise of the week....
We are so stoked for how many more people we will be able to find with this new tool. We are so blessed! Driving again was kind of weird (pray for me) but we are really excited.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

First week as an STL....

My first week as an STL was great! We had a trip down to Espoo and are trying to figure out meetings and our schedule. Life is good! Sister Nelson is so great!! It’s so fun to be together again. We got to skip the awkward get to know you stage and just went straight to being idiots. J So life is good! Sister Nelson and I don’t have a car, we still bike everywhere we need to go. If we have to travel for splits we will take a train. The trains here are awesome. I will get to travel to Vaasa and to Kupio (which is were Sisar Cain and Sisar Margetts are :) and to Espoo for some meetings.  It will be fun! 

Beautiful Oulu