Finland, Helsinki Mission

Finland, Helsinki Mission
Finland, Helsinki Mission

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

All is well in Oulu...

-22°C last p-day will freeze ya good! Gotta love the cold!
All is well in Oulu! I have been so overwhelmed with gratitude lately of how blessed my life truly is and how grateful I am that I have this opportunity to serve the Lord. Life is so good and happy!
 Sister Cain and I are doing fabulous! We are enjoying the cold weather and the Christmas initiative and all the wonderful things that mission life brings. I just have to say that before my mission I was so worried about having a companion, but my companions have been one of the things that I am the most grateful for. Especially for Sister Cain.

We got candy from Joulupukki at the 
ward Christmas party.
…and we saw the northern lights!!!! The Elders called us at 2045 and told us they were out. We were in the middle of the city so we couldn’t see them very well, but we jumped up and down in excitement and took a crappy picture.

A cool experience that happened last week was that we were tracting in a focus area where are often, and we street contacted a man that I had talked to at his house about a month ago. I remembered him because he was really nice and took a Book of Mormon at the time but said that he wasn’t interested. When we talked to him again on the street he said he actually thought his wife would be interested to learn and to watch the Christmas video and that we should stop by and show it to her some time. So when we went by this week we got to talk to the wife, who had to go pick up her child from school, but she set a return appointment with us. So fun! And she was super sweet. We are excited to go back and share a message with them. The Lord truly is guiding our actions. So cool

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Winter wonderland!

Does anyone want to wait for the bus?
Sister Cain and I are having a blast together! Being a missionary is about the funnest thing you can do we decided. And having a companion is such a huge blessing! I love her so much and am so happy we still have a long time together. Every day is an adventure! For example, yesterday we were riding around in the snowi finding formers before we had a lesson. We had put some more air in our tires before we left cause the cold air makes them go flat pretty fast. Anyways, we were riding to the lesson after about two hours of finding and my bike starts making a funny noise. So we stopped and looked at my bike, but I had no idea what it was. So we start again and then all of a sudden a big POP happens, (it literally sounded like a gun!) and my back tire blew out! It blew hard core! It tore the tire completely apart! So we have been without bikes for a day and don’t have them today either. The stores are closed today (Finnish Independence Day) so I have to wait to get a new tire, and then get the Elders to fix it. We had to walk our bikes to the lesson and then all the way home. Gotta love it!
The sun rise at 11:09 a.m.
Snowy eyelashes after walking in a blizzard
It has been cold here.  We had to walk through a blizzard to an appointment the other day cause the wind was too strong to ride bikes. But it is so fun! We laugh about it all the time and we truly live in a winter wonderland. We haven’t had any accidents yet, but we shall see! And I am so grateful for the bikes! What great tools they are. I will for sure be up for riding one when I get home from my mission.  I have had a big ironic change of heart from when I was at home and I didn’t like riding bikes. J  I’m in the only area that sisters ride bikes and I’m here during the winter! Heavenly Father truly has a good sense of humor ;)