Finland, Helsinki Mission

Finland, Helsinki Mission
Finland, Helsinki Mission

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Interim was great! We learned a ton! But it is so great to be back in our area working with people here. We took two trains home- the first one only for one stop and then a five hour train to Kokkola,  and then a 3 hour bus into Oulu. It was super fun! I have always wanted to do that!! J When our train went through Tampere I almost died of happiness.

Helsinki Finland Temple
We got a senior couple up here to help with the young single adults and they are the cutest best people! It is so fun to have senior missionaries here to help because it’s like having our own grandparents right here with us doing the work. So amazing! We feel so blessed. Also, one day Sister Cooper and I took a little break and fed some squirrels some gummies that I had in my bag, and one of them jumped on my leg and crawled on me. It was the legitest most frightening thing of my life! But I didn’t get rabies, so no worries there. J
The most epic pictures of President Watson
I am feeling grateful! How blessed I am that I can serve the Lord and the people here. I am so grateful for a family that loves and supports me and has made this experience possible for me. I am grateful for the many people that I get to meet every day and for a wonderful ward that helps us so much. I am grateful for beautiful gloomy Finland and all that comes with it. I am grateful for a Father in Heaven that loves me and that my Savior that loves me enough to take away my sins and my sorrows. I am grateful for temples ( I got to go last week!) and eternal blessings like families. Man there is a lot to be grateful for! 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

My half-way mark....

Sister Cooper and I got licorice filled doughnuts to celebrate my half-way mark. They were so good!

Its’ been so foggy here. The northern lights were supposed to be the best this week, but we have had so much cloud cover that we have missed them. We are only slightly sad about that. But hopefully one day.

Funny story of the week: We have an investigator that has been investigating for a while and he was having a little bit of a rough time, so we decided to make him cookies. We made the cookies and went and knocked on his door and no one answered. We rang the doorbell and still no answer. We had been standing there for like 2 minutes when all of a sudden the little sauna window pops open, and there is our investigator in the sauna! So we handed him the cookies through the little crack in the window and wished him a goodnight. And then we walked away and died laughing for like 10 minutes straight. Okay, that probably wasn’t that funny to you all, but we got a good kick out of it :)  It was a great week :) 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Life in Oulu is great!

Life in Oulu is great! We had a Zone Conference yesterday so the Tampere sisters and the Vaasa sisters stayed the night at our house and that was super fun. Conference was great. We got to see the Watsons (our mission President and his wife) which is always great. I am super grateful for them and all that they do. I am so blessed to have them. We have splits with the Tampere STLs this Thursday, and we go to Interim next Tuesday, so we have got a busy week ahead of us. But it’s good! We are having a blast! We will look for the northern lights, but it has been really cloudy lately. When we see them I will get pics! Tell everyone at home that I love them and that I say hello.
P-Day on a bike
Sister Carter and Sister Cooper by the Gulf of Bothnia